Our Story

A young company with a long history

Maxwell Fabrics is a third generation family-run business with a distinct reputation for offering modern classic fabrics to the interior design trade. Our foundation is built on unprecedented quality and service and we continue to provide committed support to today’s design professionals. While innovation and evolution drive our growth, we owe our enduring success to the principles of authentic and timeless design. 


A natural appreciation for the value of fabric

From our roots as an international manufacturer of custom quilted bedspreads, our company goal has always been to focus on providing superlative customer service. We pride ourselves in being known as one of the friendliest and most efficient order desks in the industry.

= 1953 =

Setting a Foundation for the Future

Vancouver Quilting Ltd, founded by Mr. Maxwell Garaway, was established in 1953. It was the first company in Western Canada to utilize multi-quilt machines to create high quality quilted fabrics ranging from bedspreads to ski apparel. Vancouver Quilting quickly became known for creating beautiful custom quilted bedspreads which would be the foundation on which Maxwell Fabrics was built.

= 1979 =

A Second Generation Takes the Torch

Maxwell Fabrics was experiencing exponential growth throughout the 1970s. Max brought in his own children to help build the organization: his son Larry took charge of operations while his daughter Darlene focused on design and creativity. Together they grew the company from decorative patterns in the bedspread business to larger-scale wholesale fabric distribution.

In 1979, Maxwell Fabrics proudly developed its first stack book program under the name Maxwell Fabrics Ltd. Another important milestone was reached in 1979 when (newly married) Darlene Ames became Vice-President of Design and Larry Garaway was promoted to President. A second generation had taken the torch.

= 1992 =

Moving Day

This was a big year for Maxwell Fabrics. Having outgrown the Franklin Street location in Vancouver, Maxwell Fabrics custom built a new warehouse and head office to better serve the company's expansion. Maxwell Fabrics proudly moved into its new location at 188 Victoria Drive in Vancouver, BC to allow for the company to improve its service and increase product offerings.

= 2001 =

End of an Era

Much of Maxwell Fabrics' success is based on anticipation and recognizing the potential for increased demand. In 2001, Maxwell Fabrics slowly began to phase out its quilting department in favour of expanding their lines of fabrics and increasing their volume of wholesale distribution. Also in 2001, Oren Garaway (Larry's son and Max's grandson) started out in the warehouse and began learning the business from the ground up.

= 2005 =

International Expansion

Maxwell Fabrics was enjoying tremendous growth in Canada. Canadian customers confirmed the uniqueness of Maxwell's approach to the fabric business and helped to encourage expansion into the United States. By the end of 2005, Maxwell Fabrics patterns and products were being represented by over 40 sales agents and over 70 showrooms across the United States.

= 2008 =

The Torch is Passed on to a Third Generation

In 2008, Maxwell Fabrics proudly established two more important legacies in its successful, family-run organization. Firstly, Jennifer Apple, Darlene Ames's daughter and Max's grand-daughter who had been working in the showroom for several years, was promoted to Vice-President and Design Director. Secondly, Oren Garaway, Larry's son and Max's grand-son, was also promoted -  to President of Maxwell Fabrics Ltd - making him the third generation family President.

= 2009 =

Telafina - A New Brand

In January 2009, Maxwell Fabrics launched a new brand of high-end fabrics: Telafina.  Telafina - meaning "fine fabric" in Spanish - was created as an opportunity to showcase an elite collection of extraordinary larger scale fabrics. The Telafina collection of fabrics was inspired by our designers' travels around the world. The collection offers something special to a style-conscious customer, while remaining true to our value price point and consistency in customer service. www.telafina.com

= 2010 =

A New Showroom

Continued growth at Maxwell Fabrics created the need for our Vancouver showroom to be moved off-site. In 2011, the Vancouver showroom was moved to the Design Center at 611 Alexander Street in Vancouver. This new space provided an exceptional opportunity for us to showcase every fabric, pattern and colour for both the Maxwell and Telafina brands. The new Vancouver showroom also established Maxwell Fabrics directly in the heart of the design community, easily accessible for interior designers. 

= 2011 =

Rapid Growth

This was a big year for Maxwell Fabrics. In April, the company opened a new warehouse in Concord, North Carolina. The new American location allowed Maxwell Fabrics to offer faster delivery service to east coast customers and expand its fabric holding space. The additional space allowed Maxwell Fabrics to build on its reputation for stocking more fabrics for immediate shipping.

Following the opening of the new warehouse, Maxwell Fabrics launched a natural extension to the fabric business with a line of decorative drapery hardware (only available in Canada). Maxwell Fabrics then teamed up with one of the biggest manufacturers in the US to offer a stunning collection of modern classic designs. The hardware collections from Maxwell Fabrics represent unique qualities in both style and function.


We understand the fabric design business

Zoe Anderson Design Director Maxwell Fabrics and TelafinaZoë Anderson Design Director

A confirmed design addict, I am endlessly inspired by the connection of aesthetics, trends and branding with the practical challenge of designing products for real life. Naturally, the interior textile industry is a perfect fit for me.

Since joining Maxwell Fabrics in 2006, I have been lucky to be able to get to know our talented designer client base and their needs through a variety of roles in the company, from sourcing to operations to design. I am energized by the innovative designs our clients create for the end user’s home, and I love to see our styles translated to beautiful interiors all over North America.


Oren Garaway President Maxwell Fabrics and Telafina Oren Garaway President

I was born into the textile industry. It was my grandfather, Maxwell Garaway, who started Maxwell Fabrics 60 years ago and I am very proud to continue his legacy along with my father, Larry Garaway. I was always curious in what my father and grandfather did for a living. My father took me on my first buying trip at 13 years old to New York and I was instantly fascinated with textiles and fabrics and wanted it to be my future.

I pride myself on maintaining a strong work ethic and staying involved in every area of the business, from purchasing to operations to marketing. The interior design industry is close-knit community and I am proud of Maxwell Fabric's distinct reputation for being among the best service providers. As President, it is key for me to instill a company-wide environment of respect - practiced every single day - by myself and our Maxwell Fabrics team to ensure everyone is treated equally and fairly throughout our business.

Maxwell Fabrics Mike Boyd Canadian National Sales ManagerMike Boyd Vice President - Canadian Sales

I joined Maxwell Fabrics as a sales representative in Western Ontario in 1992. Twenty years later I am the Canadian National Sales Manager for both Maxwell Fabrics and Telafina brands and our Maxwell Fabrics Drapery Hardware. I lead a sales team of a dozen Maxwell Fabrics representatives throughout Canada who are equally as passionate as i am about our modern-classic, fashion-forward products. The fabric industry is growing and I am honoured to be a part of that growth. The ever-changing trends, styles, colours, and designs continue to fuel my zest and this is what I love to share with our clients in the interior design community.

Tony Lopez Maxwell Fabrics US Vice President - Contract SalesTony Lopez Vice President - US Contract Sales

Having been in the Hospitality Industry for over 20 years, the one recurring theme I hear almost daily is that we are in a relationship business. It is this basic tenet that has drawn me into and has kept me in the industry. I am very fortunate to say that I have good friends that started as customers. Having been in textile sales management for the last 14 years, I have had the privilege to work with some of the best sales representatives in the industry. And now, in joining Maxwell Fabrics, I can marry all of the above with a great family-owned business whose core values incorporate that customer satisfaction comes first.



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Maxwell Fabrics is an equal opportunity employer.